The pictures below are some of the best moments from this year. Each one caught a mood, a moment, or an aspect of a certain trip. Here’s the full skinny on what each one actually is…

1) Night scene, Mykonos, April 2012

2) Waterfront at Patmos, Greece, April 2012. Viewed from on board the Louis Cristal.

3) Ruined church in Rhodes Town, Greece.

4) Centre square of the old town, Rhodes.

5) Thira town atop the caldera of Santorini. The houses are built on the upper level of an exploded volcano, once rumoured to be the site of Atlantis.

6) Another view of Santorini, later in the same afternoon.

7) Gondolier near Santa Lucia station, Venice.

8) Gondolier on the Grand Canal in Venice, June 2012.

9) Water front taverna, Katakolon, Greek islands.

10) Unlikely architecture in old Istanbul. This looks more like a Manchester cotton baron’s pad….

11) View through the streets of Istanbul, back down towards the Bosphorous, June 2012.

12) Cruising the stunning Croatian coast, June 2012.

13) Centre of Dubrovnik old town, Croatia.

14) Looking down the length of the Stradun, the main street of Dubrovnik. June 2012.

15) The Onofrio fountain, Dubrovnik. Dating from the fourteenth century.

16) Ancient water pipe, Dubrovnik.

17) The Croatian Riviera at Lapad, overlooking the sparkling Adriatic.

18) Looking back at Dubrovnik from on board the Costa Favolosa. This is the twin sister of the ill-fated Costa Concordia.

19) Cheeky ‘between the windmills’ shot, looking back down at ‘Little Venice’, Mykonos, April 2012.

20) Life at sea. Soaking up the sun aboard the Louis Cristal en route from Athens to Mykonos,


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