ImageManhattan Beach at sunset. Spindly palms loom black against a blood red sky as the sun sags into the ocean. A glass of cold zinfandel and a Mamas and Papas sound track in the background…

ImageSounds like a cliche? Sure. But only because, like the best cliches, it happens to be true. There’s something almost other worldy, Something subtle and tender about a California sunset. Explaining is like trying to stuff a cloud into a picnic basket; it’s far easier to feel, to understand, than it is to elaborate.

ImageImageAnd the days… surfers cresting the surging, cobalt blue rollers that kiss and crash against that broad, biscuit coloured sweep of sand. The warmth of the breeze and the mild sting of the spray.

ImageImageAnd there is so much more. The buskers filling the air with soft, soulful strumming. Lovers strolling the jasmine fringed boardwalks. Little old ladies walking impossibly small dogs. Clapboard shops and restaurants in a hundred shades, strung out along gaunt, sturdy piers that jut out into the Pacific.

ImageIt’s all evocative, dreamy stuff. And yet, very real. And if this little intro has got you hooked, then please enjoy these photos. Taken at Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, and Pacific Beach in San Diego.

ImageOh, and if you happen to be anywhere near ‘PB’ late afternoon or early evening, you could do a hell of a lot worse than to rock up to a great beachfront bar called Lahaina, grab a Longboard beer, and drink in the sunset from that great vantage point. You’ll be glad that you did.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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