It's yachting, not cruising...

It’s yachting, not cruising…

They are, without doubt, the swans of the ocean. At just over 4,400 tons each and with a maximum capacity of 112 guests, served by a hand picked crew of 95, Seadream l and Seadream ll are peerless in the realm of intimate, yacht style voyaging that they offer. There may be imitators out there, but that is all they will ever remain.

But what really marks these ships out as special is an all inclusive policy, married to a smart casual dress code. There’s a marvellous lack of structure on display here; each day is like  your own personal smorgasbord; you can add as much, or as little, to your own menu as the mood suits you.

Intimacy is at the heart of the entire Seadream experience. Whether it’s taking an early morning walk ashore with the head chef to watch him peruse the best lobster in Saint Tropez, or the fabulous, surf and caviar ‘splashes’ off the coast of balmy Jost Van Dyk, the yachts offer up a level of interaction that a larger ship could never dream of.

The Riviera afloat....

The Riviera afloat….

That is not to say that the crew are overly familiar, or overstep the passenger/crew boundaries on any level. Quite the reverse. You determine how involved- or how secluded- you want to be. No-one will question your decisions, and everybody will respect them.

Both yachts are stunningly understated. An upper deck, outdoor bar at the top of the yacht acts as the focal point for Seadream guests, especially at night.

And where else could all passengers be seated for all meals at one time, either indoors or outside? The cuisine on Seadream is simply exquisite; imagine cooked to order lamb chops for an alfresco breakfast, as the yacht ambles into the welcoming waters of Portofino, or maybe Puerto Banus. This really is gourmet standard cuisine, and both yachts offer a deft level of attentive service that complements the food to sublime perfection.

While none of the rooms have balconies, all are outsides, with a generous 185 sq.ft of space. There are a handful of interconnecting suites that are bigger, but even the standards- such an inadequate word- come equipped with amazing, multi jet showers and beautiful cherry wood veneer finishes. The bed linens are truly the stuff of dreams, too.

Watch a Michael Buble concert outside by the pool at night? Sure....

Watch a Michael Buble concert outside by the pool at night? Sure….

More? How about if I told you that you can sleep outside at night, under the stars, but in total privacy? Peachy.

Each yacht has a set of vast, expansive Balinese dream beds on the upper deck. They can be curtained off for privacy. Seadream staff will fetch you a goodnight gift of champagne and, if the mood suits you, they will wake you with fresh orange juice and croissants. Or champagne, if you would prefer that.

There’s a small pool and a perfectly shaded Jacuzzi, plus a sprinkling of sweetly sited, upper deck hammocks if the optional on board water sports carried by the yachts- we’re talking jet skis, sailfish and kayaks here- sounds too much like hard work. Seadream takes relaxation and indulgence, mixes them up in a cocktail shaker, and then serves them up as a perfectly garnished art form. Platinum chip indolence was never quite this much fun.

The atmosphere of fun and frivolity on board is utterly infectious, and quite unlike anything else afloat. Both yachts naturally do well on private charters, and yet each has its own, regular contingent of die hards that returns year in and out. It’s a hard addiction to break.

Top of the yacht. Top of the morning. Top of the evening...

Top of the yacht. Top of the morning. Top of the evening…

So why try? Especially when the size of both yachts means you can sail into small, perfect little patches of paradise that the big ships have to bypass. Overnight in Monte Carlo? Sure. Or, overnight in Saint Barts? Now we’re talking in the realm of outstanding.

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