Like the Mauretania seen here, Palmer's Titanic II project is sailing off into history...

Like the Mauretania seen here, Palmer’s Titanic II project is sailing off into history…

As certain commentators are now picking up on the fact that Clive Palmer’s fantasy creation of building a replica Titanic might not be about to come to fruition after all, I thought it timely to reshare this post.

At the time, this piece- originally written in July, 2013- was ridiculed and sniped at by certain people.

All I can say is- oops….


Well, it looks like sayonara to the fondly imagined sailing sensation that would have been Titanic II.

Antipodean multi- millionaire Clive Palmer promised that his much hyped ship of schemes would have her launch date formally announced in June. The more observant among us will have noted that June has gone, together with any vague possibility that this ghastly circus has any kind of chance of ever seeing life.

To be honest, I have always had mixed feelings about the entire scheme. Like imagining Justin Bieber going over a cliff. In my new Rolls Royce Corniche. As a lover of beautiful ships, who would not want to see that most stunning of silhouettes once again gracing the ocean? It has after all an ageless beauty and undeniable majesty. And I know that if she had ever been built, then I would have certainly had to see her. That makes me a bit of a hypocrite, to be sure. I don’t deny that for a moment.

If only Palmer had planned to call her Olympic, and limit her to a maximum of around seven hundred first class passengers, then the scheme might have had far more credibility and, indeed, support from the maritime community.It would have given her a passenger ratio on the order of deluxe lines such as Regent.  But the idea of a 2400 passenger theme park, replete with extra deck, welded hull and. of course a casino….. that was too much.

Then there was the whole tacky idea of allowing literally thousands of visitors aboard at every port- and the US Customs would really have got on board with THAT one- as well as allowing passengers to re create that ‘Jack and Rose’ pose on the bow, even as the ship sailed over the grave site of the real thing. The whole project lurched rapidly from quite intriguing to horribly banal in truly short order.

To be fair, Palmer played the part of ringmaster with admirable panache; holding court for the world’s press at the Ritz, and ‘bringing on board’ a whole host of Titanic related ‘names’ as ‘consultants’, without ever elaborating on exactly what they were supposedly being consulted about. In the final analysis, he proved great at laying dinner plates in glitzy venues, and not so great at laying keel plates in a Chinese shipyard. The emperor truly had no clothes.

Bonfire of the vanities; Palmer's Zeppelin project was all hot air, too.

Bonfire of the vanities; Palmer’s Zeppelin project was all hot air, too.

So, adios Titanic II, and bon voyage as you sail off to join Palmer’s fondly bruited Zeppelin project in the realms of failed, fantastical recreations. It promised to revive luxury service and cuisine in the air but yes, it too didn’t even rise to the level of pie in the sky.

Thanks, Clive. It’s been emulsional.

Might be emotional, but I don’t really think so.



  1. There’s no way he’s ever going to admit the project is cancelled. Far better to say nothing, or hint that “the time is not quite right” than to come out and look like the complete media con man that he is. Oops. Did I say that out loud….?!


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