Piggy in the middle?

Piggy in the middle?

One of the things that Silversea tend to do really well on a sea day is a very extensive and well laid out galley brunch. It combines a kind of self guided tour of the extensive galley spaces with the opportunity to help yourself to a vast, serpentine sprawl of stuff that, in typical Silversea fashion, looks almost too good to eat.

And that’s the flip side of the coin. Because while this gastronomic glut looks too good to touch, it also smells too delicious to leave alone. Good tip? Take a camera with you, and snap before you snack.

It begins with a bartender making Bloody Marys for people wandering inside. Naturally, this being Silversea, there will usually be five different kinds of vodka for you to choose from, plus all the accompanying goodies. Once you’re past this good natured gatekeeper, it’s on and in to where all the creativity really comes into play.

Even for those used to eating in high end establishments on a regular basis, the choices on offer are truly eye boggling; a technicolour torrent of fresh, vibrant salads and a slew of wonderful, fresh baked breads. There is sushi of every shade, texture and taste, and an avalanche of artfully arranged fresh fruit from literally all corners of the globe.

You’ll find huge dishes of pasta and paella, and meats of every kind, cut and texture. The sheer variety of fish could have you snacking for a week; there’s everything from pickled herring to swordfish. Calamari. mussels. Tiger shrimp.

There’s a hog roast- complete with delicious crackling- and a raft of perfectly poised poultry. It’s all artfully lit, and laid out so that people can progress easily from one part to the next. Plates are laid out ready to use at intervals all the way along.

And, naturally enough, no brunch is really ever complete without a side order of seriously mellow jazz. Which explains the presence of the ship’s band in the restaurant as you emerge from your gratuitous, indulgent little galley run.

Sweet tooth? Come on down....

Sweet tooth? Come on down….

You’ll find all the desserts laid out in the centre of the room like some kind of chocoholic funfair. Not that there isn’t more on offer- a lot more in fact. It’s just that the chocolate offerings tend to be so deliciously decadent that resistance is all but impossible.

All things considered, it’s a sea of delightful self indulgence that will take you a good while to wade through. And the seriously determined can always gird themselves and go back in again.

Good luck on that front…..

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