Oceania; serving up slices of the world in sumptuous style

Oceania; serving up slices of the world in sumptuous style

For the first time since it’s inception in 2003, award winning Oceania Cruises is offering a series of nine, all inclusive cruises covering a series of sailings over the remainder of 2014.

A number of the sailings even feature upgrades to business class flights. Overall, it adds considerable value to a product that is already hugely attractive in its own right. With five deluxe, beautifully styled ships accommodating between 684 guests (Regatta, Insignia and Nautica) to the 66,000 ton, 1,250 guest sisters, Marina and Riviera, the line has long had an enviable reputation for delivering a highly styled, personalised product that emphasises excellent food and exceptional service as a core mantra.

http://www.cruise.co.uk is showcasing these itineraries. Business class air is offered on the following sailings;

Marina August 12th; Twelve night Northern Europe itinerary from the UK to Copenhagen.

Marina October 4th; Seven night Rome to Barcelona cruise.

Marina October 11th: Ten night Barcelona to Venice cruise.

Riviera November 8th; Seven night Monte Carlo to Barcelona cruise.


All four of these sailings also include the all inclusive drinks package in addition to the business class flight upgrades.

The other five all inclusive itineraries are as follows;


Marina September 14th: Ten nights from Barcelona to Lisbon cruise.

Regatta September 28th; Twelve nights Montreal to New York cruise.

Riviera October 22nd; Seven night Istanbul to Athens cruise.

Nautica November 2nd; Twenty nights Istanbul to Dubai cruise.

Riviera November 15th. Fourteen night Barcelona to Miami cruise.


See vast, brooding Vesuvius with Oceania

See vast, brooding Vesuvius with Oceania

Traditionally, Oceania Cruises has been seen and understood to be a kind of ‘deluxe lite’ product because it has not fully embraced the all inclusive concept. These nine sailings could be a step in that direction; it is obvious that the line is adding value to an already attractive package, rather than indulging in discounting per se.

Could an all inclusive product be the future of Oceania? Well, both Regent Seven Seas (in it’s previous guise as Radisson Seven Seas) and Crystal Cruises eventually went all inclusive, allowing them to compete directly with the likes of Silversea and Seabourn.

While the line does not claim to be in this bracket- the inside cabins on the first three smaller ships would make this a no go- Oceania has defined its own path, and continues to delight travellers old and new with the fine style of their ships, and what is claimed by many to be the finest cuisine afloat of any line.

On that basis alone, the added value built in here enhances these already attractive ships and itineraries by no small amount. Definitely worthy of your consideration.


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