The end in sight, and the music is still playing.....

The end in sight, and the music is still playing…..

This was a poem I originally wrote back in 1980, and just rediscovered. The perspective is that of a passenger, left stranded on the sloping decks of the Titanic after the last boat has gone.

Those last, awful twenty minutes or so between the departure of the last boat and the inevitable, final plunge must have concentrated minds quite wonderfully…..






They told us this ship couldn’t sink

And we took them at their word

And now fate stares us in the face

That phrase is base absurd

So they tell us not to worry

Though everything is out of hand

‘Stand back from the boats; it’s women first’

Listen to the band….

Come on and hear, come on and hear,

Alexander’s Ragtime Band.

Come on and hear, come on and hear,

It’s the best band in the land…


They told us she was safe as a rock

Safe as a railway station

Like the rising water in creeps the shock

Of this sinking situation

And the stars shine down like jewels

On a brilliant lit up stage

Of a boatload of complacent fools

Booked aboard the Gilded Age


But the sea shows no sign of pity

As the last boat lowers away

From this slowly sinking city

That won’t see another day

And there’s no more confident braying

Now that last full boat has gone

Just a lot of heathens praying

And that god damned band playing on


Oh, you beautiful doll

Look at the mess you’re in now;

No boats left on the boat deck

And there’s water coming over the bow…..




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