Tutu for Crystal at 25

Tutu for Crystal at 25

In what must be regarded as something of a true coup, the venerable Archbishop Desmond Tutu will sail aboard the ultra luxurious Crystal Serenity as part of the line’s 25th anniversary celebrations next year.

The learned and erudite Archbishop Tutu- long a profound and eloquent proponent of human rights and peaceful, non violent resistance in the years of the Apartheid regime, has been a huge figure in the long, slow ‘truth and reconcillation’ process that is an essential part of South Africa’s attempts to deal with its violent racial excesses. It is literally impossible to quantify his value in this cause. Working with his friend, the late Nelson Mandela, Tutu is rightly hailed as a major architect of the nation’s transition into the modern world.

For the 25th anniversary of Crystal Cruises, it is hard to imagine a more potent or engaging guest speaker.

Archbishop Tutu will be on board the Crystal Serenity on March 13th 2015, for the twenty one day voyage from Perth to Cape Town. 

In all, Crystal Cruises has lined up more than fifty international standard guest speakers to celebrate its first quarter century. The line, together with its two, six star rated ships- Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity- has been the most consistently lauded luxury vessels in the cruise market ever since their debuts in 1995 and 2003, respectively.



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