Viking Star will expand the horizons of modern cruise travel

Viking Star will expand the horizons of modern cruise travel

As autumn approaches, attention begins to focus on the new ships scheduled to debut in 2015. And perhaps none of these are as anticipated as that of the new, ‘back to the future’ concept enshrined in the nascent Viking Star.

With her ocean going debut now less than a year away, a few more facts have begun to surface about the on board hardware and offerings. And it’s all looking rather special, in a very understated kind of way.

Viking Cruises is cross decking some of the more popular and inclusive features from its hugely successful river fleet to their first ocean going vessel, including free shore excursions in all ports of call, and inclusive lunch and wine served with dinner. This puts the line firmly on a competitive basis with rivals such as Voyages To Antiquity.

But Viking Star will also up the ante, by including free wi-fi right throughout the ship, plus complimentary- albeit self service- laundry facilities. There will also be no charge for room service.

Though the ship herself is understated and low key, there are elements of showmanship in her main dining room. Located on the promenade deck, this will feature floor to ceiling windows on both sides. Mounted on tracks, it will be possible to open these in fine weather. This should make for some side orders of stunning sunsets, especially when the ship is in summertime northern waters.

Every single cabin aboard the Viking Star will have a balcony. Even the smallest of these will measure a generous 270 square feet, while the fourteen penthouse suites will range from between 757 and 1,163 square feet. In line with the ships’ pared down, elegant simplicity, just five grades of accommodation will be offered on board.

While the ship- the first of a projected quartet- will be focused on destination intensive cruises with many overnight stays in port, the leisure side is certainly not being skimped on. A full service spa will feature it’s own sauna, complete with gently falling ‘snowflakes’, plus an infinity pool overlooking the stern and a second, more central pool that will come complete with its own sliding glass roof.

The company has clearly put its finger on a beating pulse with the conception and construction of Viking Star, and the on board ambiance and philosophy she intends to showcases. Due to launch early next spring, the entire first season of the 47,000 ton ship is completely sold out already.

2016 will see the arrival of a pair of similarly accented sister ships, named Viking Sea and Viking Sky. A fourth, as yet nameless sibling will round out this stunning quartet in early 2017.

As ever, stay tuned for further details.

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