Soaring above the Alps

Soaring above the Alps

Today’s Daily Mirror has pondered the question of whether readers would fly on Malaysian Airlines.

Quite obviously, it’s a question that the paper is posing in light of the two terrible tragedies that the legacy Asian carrier has suffered since January this year. Both were heart breaking events for everybody concerned; passengers, crew and relatives of the victims, plus prospective travellers who have, in consequence, seemingly abandoned the airline in droves.

Indeed, all reports are that the airline is in deep financial trouble, with its finances in free fall. Massive, radical surgery seems necessary simply to give Malaysian Airlines even a fighting chance of staying aloft. Time alone will tell how successful- or otherwise- those efforts ultimately are.

But, to get back to the question posed by the Mirror, my simple answer is ‘yes’.

I would have no problem in flying Malaysian Airlines any time, anywhere.

Because the simple truth is that no international travel is ever one hundred per cent guaranteed safe. The world that we live in since the catastrophic events of 9/11 has altered the way that we travel forever. It has become a far more anxiety laden, hassle intensive experience than in the illusory, carefree days before those fanatical lunatics slammed into the Word Trade Centre.

Yet, for all the horror of those events, and the terrible events of this year, the fact remains that air travel as a whole is still the safest means of mass transportation across the globe. Indeed, it is the only one. There is no other game in town.

There is far more real chance of me being knocked down by a car outside my own front door than there is of me being a casualty of any plane accident, anywhere, ever. Fact.

And, on another level- a different plane, as it were- if you give up on doing what you want to do, give up traveling to see the things and the people that you really need to see- well, then, you die inside, anyway. Do that, and the bad guys win without expending any further effort. No thanks; I don’t think so.

So yes, if Malaysian Airlines was the carrier that best suited my flight plans, then for sure I would go. The airline has a stellar reputation for in flight hospitality and service that few, if any, of its western counterparts can quite match.

Yes, the recent disasters are disturbing and scary. Just like modern life in general as a whole. But that to me is no excuse to turn off the lights and pull up the drawbridge.

In the immortal words of the song; ‘Trains and boats and planes are passing by..’.

Don’t let life pass you by, though. Get out there.





  1. Well said Anthony. We were in NY on the SS Norway 5 days before 9/11 & still traveling. Margaret

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  2. I have flown with them in the past – and found the service onboard excellent – and my answer if I’d fly with them is YES.


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