OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAReports are coming through from St. Lucia news online of a fire aboard Oceania’s cruise ship, Insignia, in the port of Castries, St. Lucia this morning (Thursday 11th December).

Three people are reported to have been hospitalised- one of them for respiratory complications- following the fire, which broke out in the engine room at about 0925 local time this morning.

There is as yet no report on the condition of the other two men, but the situation is apparently under control.

The 30,000 ton Insignia is one of the original ‘R’ class, former Renaissance ships used to launch the company back in 2004.

The 684 passenger Insignia was in the course of a ten night, San Juan to Miami cruise when the fire broke out. All passengers are reported to have been evacuated, and the ship remains in St. Lucia for now.

Stay tuned for updates as they become available.

World Of Cruising website ( is now reporting that two of the three crewmen reported injured have actually died. The condition of the third crew member is unknown.

The two confirmed fatalities were apparenly sub contractors, working in the vessel.

Sincere sympathies and condolences to the relatives of the deceased.

12/12 UPDATE

Sadly, the death toll from the fire is now three, following the death in hospital of a crew member.

As of now, one crew member still in hospital was reported to be in a ‘stable’ condition.

All 656 passengers have been given a full, 100% refund, plus a 50% reduction off any future cruise.

Oceania Cruises’ CEO, Jason Montague, is on site in St. Lucia with a care an assistance team.


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