“I hear you’re leaving the ship tomorrow, darling. What time is the crane arriving to pick you up?’ Anonymous

When life gives you peaches and ice cream.....

When life gives you peaches and ice cream…..

So, welcome back to the Queen Mary 2 as we continue on our course to New York. The weather has taken a bit of a turn for the worse out here. Captain Oprey tells us we have 2,000 miles to go to New York.

Nothing serious weather wise, just higher winds and more aggressive waves. For the first time, there is a pronounced pitch as the ship drops at the bow. When the bow slams back into those charcoal grey, white flecked rollers, it does so with an audible thump.

But I digress. Today- like most days out here- is all about the food.

I have a wonderful table in the pretty little Britannia Club restaurant. With flexible dining times for all main meals, our table for eight might have a mix of three to seven dining companions at any one time.

It’s a pleasant, well travelled, generous bunch of souls. Multi- national, too, with Croatia, England, France, Germany and America all represented round one table. Their tales and exploits provide me with daily food for thought. For sure, boredom is not on the verbal menu here.

We are also being looked after very well. With pleasant, competent wait staff that are attentive without being overly intrusive, meals are a focal point of our days and nights on the Atlantic.

Last night, an excellent Chateaubriand and a light as air Lemon Souffle got the universal thumbs up around the table. And breakfasts here are far more leisurely affairs than the buffet up in the huge King’s Court area on Seven Deck.

I mean, when was the last time that you took an hour or more over breakfast, lounging over waffles, good bacon, fresh fruit and cereal, with a side order of rolling ocean views through the big, floor to ceiling windows? For sure, the best way to start the day.

Of course, these are not your only options. Far from it. Breakfast in bed is an alternative that I intend to try. For lunch, there’s the always popular Golden Lion pub. Like it’s illustrious predecessor of the same name on QE2, it does a wonderful Shepherd’s Pie, or there is also Bangers and Mash. As ever, the Fish and Chips wins out for yours truly.

Tonight, I’m looking forward to dinner in the Todd English restaurant. Located up on Eight Deck, this room incurs an extra charge per item, and needs to be booked in advance. However, the reputation of Boston-born Chef English is sufficiently stellar to make it well worth doing. And, as I’m dining with a couple of fellow ocean liner enthusiasts, you can safely bet that there will be a hefty side order of maritime history on the menu.

King’s Court, located amidships, literally provides food around the clock, as well as 24/7 free tea, coffee and soft drinks.

And- should I not feel inclined to take the trek to any of these venues, room service can rustle me up a Caesar Salad, a BLT or a Minute Steak, among many others. This comes without any charge.

So, that’s it for now. I am off to check out the vast, sprawling Canyon Ranch spa after lunch. It is possible that I may spend some time in the pool and hot tub, wallowing like some supine, bloated sea monster after my lunchtime indulgence.

Of course, all of this is purely in the interests of research…..

Stay tuned for more dispatches from the Atlantic Front, coming soon.


  1. I am enjoying reading your blog. We have friends who are on the same crossing and they are sending by e-mail a blog to friends and relatives. Has the Britannia Club actually gone to “open seating”? From my experience, the club and the Grills have flexible dining times but the seating is assigned, i.e. you have the same table for all meals. I was treated to Todd English once and we were not overwhelmed. It was very good, but neither the food nor the presentation is as good as in Queen’s Grill or even Princess Grill. If you’re travelling in regular Britannia accommodation, T.E. has the advantage of being available at various times as opposed to first or second sitting.


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