Crystal is denying reports that it has 'bought the Deutschland'

Crystal is denying reports that it has ‘bought the Deutschland’

In the latest twist to the ‘will they, won’t they’ saga, Crystal Cruises has officially denied the continuing rumours that it will buy the laid up MS Deutschland.

In an email to the Seatrade Insider website (, Crystal CEO, Edie Rodirguez, has said that the luxury line ‘is not the buyer.’ In the same email, she also made it plain that parent company, NYK, in not the buyer, either.

At present, the Deutschland is laid up off Gibraltar, following the cancellation of a planned November refit in Cadiz, and a subsequent world cruise.

German media is also still alive with talk of a new build for the ultra luxury company. This part of the story has not been officially refuted and, in fact, seems much more the likely option, as originally stated on this site.

In any event, the official ‘big announcement’ from Crystal, slated for tomorrow, has assumed an added level of drama and momentum.

Tomorrow will be interesting. Stay tuned for more.


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