Venice is no longer a menace for the mega ships

Venice is no longer a menace for the mega ships

In a piece of just breaking news, the city of Venice has just scrapped the presumed, imminently looming ban on large cruise ships sailing through the city centre.

In what was one of the most hotly contested and controversial of decisions of last year, local authorities planned to implement an across the board ban on cruise ships of 90,000 tons and more. This would have prevented them from making the usual, time honoured approach to the city along the Guidecca Canal, passing Piazza San Marco and affording the most stunning views of the city.

A number of cruise lines, including P&O, had already reacted to what was seen as an impending decision by switching smaller, less amenity laden ships to the region for the coming summer season. Quite where this sudden volte face leaves these painfully reconsidered schemes is unclear.

There have been tangible concerns for several years about the amount of damage that the volume of water displaced by the arrivals and departures of fleets of ever larger cruise ships might be doing to the ancient foundations of the city. The plight of Venice- at once both precarious and precocious- has been ringing alarm bells among locals and national politicians for some time now.

As always, stay tuned for updates.



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