The Norwegian Fjords will be a highlight of the 2015 Magellan season

The Norwegian Fjords will be a highlight of the 2015 Magellan season

Cruise and Maritime has today taken delivery of it’s ‘new’ flagship, the 46,052 to Magellan. The ship, built in Denmark in 1985 as the Holiday for Carnival, is at present en route to Genoa to begin an extensive refurbishment, prior to a string of media events before sailing on her maiden voyage- a Northern Lights itinerary- from Tilbury on March 15th.

Though initial artist impressions suggested otherwise, the ship will in fact retain the famous, swept back, gull wing funnel that was her trademark in her Carnival days. And, since her cruises went on sale on November 3rd last year, CMV is reporting that some sixty per cent of her entire 2015 programme has sold out, proving the truth that there is a market in the UK for smaller, more personalised ships.

Part of this success is due to the large number of single cabins that the company is making available on the ship. With even the inside cabins comingĀ in at around 185 square feet, the Magellan actually offers the largest standard cabins- both inside and outside- of any cruise ship in the mainstream UK market.

With a programme of cruises sailing from Tilbury, Newcastle and Dundee over 2015, the Magellan offers a range of diverse sailings, from short, weekend city breaks to Amsterdam and Antwerp, to a season of Canary Islands cruises.

For more news as it becomes available, stay tuned.

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