Listening to some of the commentary regarding the end of the Second World War in Europe this coming week prompted a pretty unsettling realisation in me.

That being the deeply perturbing fact that QE2 has now spent longer laid up in Dubai than the entire duration of the mainland war in Europe and the Soviet Union. Stunning, but true.

In less time than she has slowly spent suffocating to death in the fly blown hell hole that is Dubai, Adolf Hitler conquered an empire that stretched from the North Cape to the African continent, and then lost it again.

So, should anybody ever again have the sheer, rank stupidity to complement the ridiculously fawned over sheiks of Dubai on their alacrity and business acumen, simply remind them of that slightly less than unfortunate truth.

There she lies, her fate in the hands of a shabby cabal of clueless, posturing fools who wanted her as a trophy, a status symbol. Now, they do not know what to do with her. Perhaps they never did in the first place.

Perhaps the robed mandarins of the desert kingdom simply over indulged themselves like the spoiled, pampered kids of unchallanged oligarchs to whom money is no object. A kind of bratterati if you will, spiritual paupers on an epic scale that can recognise a glittering trophy, purchase it, and suddenly not know what the hell to do with it.

So there they sit in their glitzy splendour, embarrassed and unsure what to do with what was once their most prized, heavily lauded prestige project. Fantastical, fulsome claims have given way to a veil of shameful silence that hangs over the suffocating Queen like a funeral pall.

There is no question that she deserves better; a ship that broke new ground as the first ocean liner cum floating resort. One that served her country in time of war and, most spectacularly, one that came to emphasise everything ‘great’ about Great Britain for three decades along with her true travel partner, the supersonic Concorde. This ship- breathtaking, elegant and groundbreaking- came to be adored and revered like none other, either before or since.

Sadly, what she deserves is most unlikely to be what she will get.

While she floats, there is always hope. But people need to get out there and ask awkward questions. The pompous, embarrassed burghers of Dubai need to be heckled, ridiculed, and held to account over their inept, ruinous, directionless and completely disastrous stewardship of one of the most singularly significant maritime icons ever to cut salt water.

How much time does she have? Who knows? Even the fickle, capricious clowns who hold ther life in their hands cannot say. Can not, or will not.

Let’s hope 2015 will provide smoother seas and kinder breezes for our loved, languishing lady. And yes, more than ever before, let’s pray the God does, indeed, save our gracious Queen.

Because the one thing you can bet on is that the cash sodden, status obessessed clowns in Dubai most certainly will not.




  1. Sadly The stance you take is just the attitude that will not impress or worry the present owners of the QE2
    what is required is a good solid proposal for her future which is acceptable to both the owners and Cunard


    • Thank you for the feedback, Roy. As it happens, I’m not interested in ‘impressing’ the over inflated egos of this shabby cabal of bungling clowns. The only ‘good, solid proposal’ that they are interested in is financial. They do not care about the ship. And, rest assured, if some psychotic mass murderer waved enough money under their noses for QE2, they would take it. The only things that matter to them are money and being held up to public ridicule. What, after all, has seven years of polite silence achieved?


  2. Hi I have found with over 30 years of experience of negotiations with Arabs, in the Petro Chem & Power Industries that comments like you have made completely turn them off, its a mind set with them. that’s why other websites have no
    luck in obtaining information it will only be when a properly structured proposal that is acceptable to both Dubai & Cunard
    is presented that we may be able to see a way forward,
    I understand that QE2 London may still be interested .
    The last figures I have access to will have to be re assessed. with regard to her current condition, also for the next few years Cunard now part of the Carnival Organisation still have a say in any sale,
    I disagree that there has been 7 years of polite silence, silence from them yes but that again is there typical mind set attitude
    Hopefully with the new management in place we may see a way forward,

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  3. This is mainly in response to Roy.

    I agree with everything you say.

    From the start of 2009 until the end of 2012, the website I set up, the QE2 story, got excellent co-operation with the then managers as they worked hard to come up with a solution for her, while also maintaining her in good condition.

    They approached us initially because they were impressed by our sensible commentary and attempts to resolve rumours. They used us, in a way, to clarify rumours, which in turn helped them in their work.

    The takeover of the ship at the end of 2012 was a shock to all involved, and a massive setback for the ship. The grand but hollow announcements made during 2013 made people think her future was safe and settled, when it is anything but. We hope the new team, very recently instated, can do better.

    She just hasn’t had a fair shot at survival, and her retirement has not been at all fitting for her.

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    • Hi Rob
      I know of your excellent website,
      In truth I also Agree with Travelwithantonys comments Its the way he states them that concern me,
      In his reply to you he proves he knows nothing about the Arab mentality, there is just no two way thing with them,
      You yourself say that they used you, probably to provide what they considered good news how much bad news did they give you.
      Sadly that’s the way they do things, lets just hope that with the new team in place that things will improve for a great ship that could be a great project if only one could be found

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      • Hi Roy,

        You are quite correct when you say that I ‘know nothing’ of the Arab mentality.

        However, here’s what I do know.

        Spending seven years kow towing and buying every half truth, fantastic claim and outright lie that these ‘gentlemen’ from Dubai have propounded has not done QE2 one bit of good. Are we all expected to fawn reverentially to them and defer to their every word?

        As someone who knows nothing of the Arab mentality, I’d really like to see or hear a clear, cogent answer to that one.


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