Conformation has finally come through the Peter Deilmann’s classic little jewel box of a ship, Deutschland, has been sold to Semester at Sea.

The 19,000 ton vessel, built in 1998 but idle off Gibraltar since last November, will be renamed the World Odyssey when she takes up her new role. I understand that the red band on her hull will be replaced with blue.

Management of the ship will be by V Ships of Monaco.

Semester at Sea was in need of a new vessel after selling it’s previous floating campus, the Explorer, to Celstyal Cruises, for whom she now sails as the Celestyal Odyssey.

While many- this author included- will find it sad that the delightful little Deutschland has not been retained for the cruising market, it was always really pretty hard to see who might make a go of her commercially, without totally destroying her unique, almost Victorian style liner interiors. These were quite unlike anything else out there, and still are.

She was rumoured to be going to Crystal at one stage, but these rumours appear to have inaugurated in Germany. They also sank without trace just as quickly under scrutiny.

Still, it is good that this wonderful ship will continue to grace the oceans. I just sincerely hope that her new owners appreciate her as much as her past passengers still do. It really is the end of an era.

Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland…..

Bye bye to this.....

Bye bye to this…..


  1. Anthony, the Deutschland has not been sold to Semester at Sea but to a company called Absolute Nevada LLC, of Las Vegas, who also own the Americana (ex-Yorktown). Semester at Sea’s objective was to get out of shipowning. Not many shipping companies other than United States Lines have been incorporated in Nevada, although we understand the major shareholder is located in Midland, Texas, and the company may actually be Florida-registered. The ship managers are believed to be Meridian Ship Managers of Fort Lauderdale, who were once involved with SeaEscape Cruises.


  2. For all of you looking for a last Chance to cruise on DEUTSCHLAND:
    She has been chartered by Plantours from 09 June to end-July, to stand in for MS HAMBURG which has mechanical problems and is en route to Lloyd Werft.


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