In a move that has been bruited for many years- and anticipated by the maritime community just as long- Star Clippers has finally announced that it will build a new ship, due to make her commercial debut in 2017.

The five masted, 300 passenger ship is due to enter service in the second half of 2017. The 8,770 ton vessel, powered by more than 6,350 square metres of sail, will be built by the Brodosplit shipyard in Croatia, and will sail on Mediterranean and Caribbean itineraries.

This new ship will be heavily influenced by the legendary sailing ship France II, according to Star Clippers owner, Mikael Krafft. Indeed, stories exists that the masts for this fourth planned vessel in the fleet were actually built in preparation some years ago.

Many features from the immensely successful Royal Clipper (see previous blogs) will return, including a trio of upper deck pools, one of which will have a transparent bottom that filters sunlight down into the dining room, set at the bottom of a central atrium. Like the Royal Clipper, the new, as yet nameless ship will also feature a water sports platform at the stern.

Accommodation wise, the ship will have some thirty four cabins with balconies, as well as four more expansive owner’s suites as top drawer offerings. The dining room will be able to accommodate all passengers for dinner at a single sitting.

With a capacity for around 75 extra more guests than the Royal Clipper, this new ship is a logical evolution of the Star Clippers concept of providing a near perfect replication of the original, late nineteenth century sailing ships of old, married to a wealth of modern technological ‘must haves’ such as air conditioning, to provide one of the most stunningly unique sailing experiences available anywhere at sea.

Having been privileged enough to sail on all three of the current Star Clippers fleet- Star Flyer, Star Clipper and, of course, Royal Clipper, truly, the ‘cathedrals of the sea’- I am absolutely delighted that Mikael Krafft has finally felt able to go ahead with his vision for this new ship, one I know personally that he has carried a torch for over many years.

This new ship is going to be clearly quite something, and I am going to try and follow her progress as she comes along with great interest. As developments come into the public domain, you will most definitely find them here.

As ever, pray stay tuned…

Sails up! The Royal Clipper sets out on another elegant adventure

Sails up! The Royal Clipper sets out on another elegant adventure


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