After two years of ‘will they, won’t they’ musings and mutterings, Silversea yesterday finally announced an order for a new ship, the sixth dedicated newbuild in its twenty-one year history.

The evocatively named Silver Muse will be built by Fincantieri in Italy, and is slated to enter commercial service in 2017. At around 40,000 tons, the new ship is roughly ten per cent greater in size than the last newbuild, the Silver Spirit of 2009. The new vessel will have a capacity for 596 guests.

The relationship between Silversea and Fincantieri is quite long and historic, and dates back to the building of ships for the then Sitmar Cruises back in 1987. Silversea CEO, Enzo Visione, hinted to me back in 2013 that a newbuild would be on the cards in the near future. Now his words have come true.

The new ship will take the Silversea brand up to a nine strong fleet, inclusive of the trio of currently operated expedition ships. And, while actual details on the new ship are not yet in the public domain, Visione envisages a vessel built on roughly the same platform as the popular Silver Spirit.

Now that the Silversea fedora has been formally thrown into the ring, we can look forward to a string of interesting luxury ships over the next few years. With the new Seven Seas Explorer coming on stream for Regent Seven Seas next year and a new Crystal ship also in the mix, the options for the deluxe market are once again beginning to look up.

Good news all around. As ever, stay tuned.

Silver Spirit off Lipari, Italy

Silver Spirit off Lipari, Italy


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