In a move that is sure to prove popular with many, Crystal Cruises is going the extra mile by gifting all of its passengers a minimum of one hours’ free Wi-Fi time on board their two current ships every day, commencing on August 30th this year.

Those booked in deluxe cabins and penthouses will benefit from the free hour, available across a range of personal devices or, alternatively, at one of the ship’s internet stations or portable lap tops. Those booked in penthouse suites will receive ninety minutes free access each day.

The perk- previously available only to repeat Crystal Society guests- comes as a welcome addition to the current on board packages still available for purchase. A Plan A ‘Pay As You Go’ package costs from $0.74 per minute, while a Plan B package has two hours’ available at $55, and a Plan C option serves up five hours at $127.

If you really intend to spend more time hunched over your laptop than savouring those gorgeous Lemon Drop Martinis, the block busting Plan D offers ten hours for $220.

Internet capabilities aboard both Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity were considerably enhanced last year, with both ships being Wi-Fi enabled everywhere on board, as well as increasing the bandwidth on board both ships.

Whether you’re enamoured of this increasing focus on the on board communication technology or not, the fact remains that more and more people plainly are. It is gradually becoming more and more of a deciding point for people looking at booking a specific cruise line anywhere in the world and, as such, Crystal is simply responding to customer demand.

More inclusivity inevitably makes for happier guests. Slowly but surely, internet connectivity is gradually improving across much of the cruise industry, and certainly not before time.

I expect other lines to follow suit in short order. For want of a better phrase, stay tuned for further developments.

Crystal is going further to keep you more connected....

Crystal is going further to keep you more connected….

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