Crystal Cruises has now placed definite orders for not one, but two, specially customised Boeing 787 Dreamliners to inaugurate its recently announced programme of ultra luxury air cruises.

The move is one facet of what must be seen as the biggest single expansion of any luxury travel operator since the end of the Second World War. As well as the planes, the line willalso be adding a trio of new, 100,000 ton ships, each one featuring a block of private, for purchase condominiums, as well as a two ship river cruise operation, and a deluxe adventure cruiser, the 62 guest Crystal Esprit, to it’s already hugely lauded cruise operation.

The Dreamliner is already famed for its new standards of comfort and advanced design, with enhanced sightlines for all passengers and in plane systems that radically reduce the debilitating effects of jet lag.

Crystal’s two aircraft will each have the normal capacity of three hundred pared down to a svelte sixty passengers, cradled in fully lie flat beds and served with food, drinks and entertainment designed to take the inimitable Crystal style to new heights. Quite literally, as it turns out.

Beginning in mid 2017, the two planes will offer fourteen to twenty eight night ’round the world’ air cruises to a series of sought after retreats and usually inaccessible locations, each showcasing stays in high end, luxury hotels featuring cuisine prepared by top name chefs, and immersive cultural experiences designed to evoke an authentic local feel, without sacrificing anything by way of contemporary luxury.

Exciting, for sure. As ever, stay tuned.

Crystal is taking its legendary standards of luxury to a whole new height

Crystal is taking its legendary standards of luxury to a whole new height

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