Full steam ahead, Let’s stretch her legs……

Well, I guess it had to happen….

After numerous voyages into the past, present and future of travel on land, sea and air, Travels With Anthony is simply unable to accommodate any more copy.

Having started this blog as recently as 2012, I find myself stunned to be even saying this. But the fact remains.

However, that does not mean the end of everything. Or, indeed, anything.

If you would still like to follow my writing, simply turn your attentions to the imaginatively named… Travels With Anthony Two, also located here on WordPress.

I’m hoping to offer you much more of the same; the endeavour as always is to keep it elegant, informative, thought provoking, nostalgic and, hopefully, just damned inspiring by turns. Simple as that.

So, do please feel free to come aboard. The gangways are down, we are serving Moet (of course), and there will be plenty of light, laughter and music as we embark on our ‘maiden’ voyage.

For those of you that follow me on Facebook, posts from here will still appear under the Travels WITH Anthony banner.

Many, many thanks for your kindness and your comments over the last few years and- smooth sailing 😉



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