CNV00008CNV00080Travel is largely my life. And what a life it’s been. More than a hundred and thirty cruises and transatlantic crossings to date, and more still to be added to the mix….

From the magical Manhattan skyline to the shimmering, golden pagodas of Myanmar, the magical, mist shrouded peaks of French Polynesia to the playgrounds of the Caribbean. It’s all here, and then some.

Great, wonderful cities like Copenhagen and Chicago; the scenic splendours of the south of France and the allure of amazing, unforgettable Italy. The sweet, seductive beach vibe of San Diego, and the stunning, near perfect serenity of the fabled Norwegian fjords.

CNV00007We’ll take the odd trip back in time, too. You’ll hear the sound of desperate, jaunty ragtime on the deck of the sinking Titanic. You’ll feel the freezing cold, and watch as a string of rockets explode above your head,; hear the squeal of brand new ropes passing through block and tackle as the first, pathetically half empty lifeboats totter down the side…

Train ride, anyone?

Train ride, anyone?

But it’s not all doom and Downton style gloom. How about taking the Orient Express to magical Venice? Check. A weekend at the legendary London Ritz? Done.

So, step aboard. It is going to be quite the ride….


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